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Boy Scouts Rafting Hells Canyon, The Snake River Saga

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“The river is always kind to Boy Scouts and drunk people,” our long time mentor and friend Jerry Hughes was fond of saying as he shook his head.  And we’ve witnessed that a number of times.  Well, not always to drunk people who don’t wear their pfd’s, but seemingly always to the Boy Scouts!!

We will see if that holds true this week as 14 Boy Scouts from a New Plymouth troop hit the Snake River with North Star to try their hands at Hells Canyon rafting at it’s finest.  Well, not just paddling rafts and kayaks, but also sturgeon fishing and every other type of fishing they find time for, some Dutch oven cooking instruction, and don’t forget the kp.  I believe you missed a spot on that plate boys–back to the start of the dish line!!

Our guides love having Boy Scouts out since they are well known for being hardworking, and listen eagerly to instruction!  Hopefully they all earn their badges, and maybe some awards for best tent set, lightest bag, and maybe to the boy who best exhibits their motto: always be prepared.  Back in April a small group of Boy Scouts backpacking in Hells Canyon earned badges for helping to rescue a woman who had fallen from the trail near Sheep Creek.  Whether they are on the Snake River rafting, or backpacking among the cliffs of Hells Canyon, it seems the Boy Scouts of America are eager to help others.

Sounds like on this Hells Canyon trip the only mishap our office has heard of so far is that the Boy Scouts needs some work on their knots–they managed to lose one of our paddle boats from the ramp, but Jake Warren and the Leyland rescued it before it got to Cliffside and Travis Ribordy did a solo paddle demonstration back up the eddie to the ramp!  All in a days work!

We’ve had some cooling temperatures and thunderstorms, so it will be interesting to see how the trip went.  Regardless, I am sure it isn’t anything a group of Boy Scouts can’t handle!!  We’ll post an update when they get back!

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