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Hells Canyon Wildlife At Its Best

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Snake River Otter

Taking a peek at the big blue raft.

This Idaho rafting season seems to have been the summer of the River Otter, and has been an all-around great summer for wildlife viewing!! The river otter family we saw multiple times didn’t get too close, but were curious as is usual and spent some time bobbing about giving us a funny! We were amazed at how huge some of the adults were!!!  We saw a lot of Big Horn Sheep families as well.  The little lambs are incredibly cute, their coats and ears look fluffy, and they seem to have 2 speeds–perfectly still and 100 mph over any kind of terrain, rock screes, cliffs, boulders or grass!  We got up close and personal many times floating by them as they drank from the river.  Saw some brown bears on the bank this year as we floated along, and plenty of bald and golden eagles and other birds–herons, fishers, ducks, and other birds of prey, as well as LOT of chukars.  Chukars seem to be the first bird our Hells Canyon rafting guests can identify by their call (or cackle as we call it)—right up there with the canyon wren.  Even with the hot temps this summer, the Hells Canyon wildlife viewing was excellent.  We feel very blessed to have experienced another great season on the river, and are confident that the wildlife will continue to thrive in the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area.  You can expect to keep seeing a diverse group of wildlife rafting on the Snake River with North Star in the future!

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