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Hells Canyon, Salmon River, Clearwater River Spring Salmon Season 2013

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North Star co-owner Jake Warren just a little happy over this spring chinook salmon

Spring Chinook Salmon caught on the Snake River in Hells Canyon in 2012, Day 3 of trip.

Idaho’s spring salmon season may be limited due to numbers of fish coming back up river, and the broodstock needs of various fish hatcheries.  Clearwater drainage seems to be the most restrictive, based on projections and current numbers of fish being counted coming over the dams.

Largest share of harvest numbers is projected for the Rapid Rapid run, with Hells Canyon being second with possibly only 400 fish total and Clearwater drainage at 200 fish.

Sounds like for the Hells Canyon chinook salmon return, they will be starting with a 4 fish daily limit with no more than 1 adult (and 3 jacks).  Season will be 7 days a week ending on further notice.

Rapid River return will start with a 4 fish daily limit with no more than 2 adults (2 jacks).  7 days a week season.

Clearwater chinook salmon return will start with 4 fish daily limit, 1 being an adult, but only Friday to Monday (4 day a week) season and many restricted fishing areas.

Season has not been opened yet and we are estimating the fish may be here by mid-May at the earliest.

Biologist Joe DuPont explains that the projected harvest is still bouncing around from day to day as it seems one day a group of tagged fish destined for a certain area will pass over Bonneville Dam, then the next day there may be none.  This is resulting in some uncertainty on the timing of the 2013 spring Chinook salmon run.

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