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Orvis Tuesday Tip–Fixing Common Casting Mistakes!

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We get fishermen and women of all abilities on our Snake River fly fishing trips.  One of the great things about fishing Hells Canyon is that we can get right on top of the fishy water from the boat, on a river that is so big that the hazard of getting tangled is mostly from your fellow fisherman in the boat or your Chaco strap.  Now there might be an occasional rock or bush snag, but not often.

No matter our ability it is good to remember the basics and take a look at our cast with a critical eye.  I am definitely a “thrower” and am plagued constantly by knots caused by my tailing loop.  (And that’s just the short list.)  I definitely aspire to cast more like Pete Kutzer from the Orvis Fly Fishing school in Vermont.  He addresses these two issues in this video covering the 5 most common casting mistakes.

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Copying from Tom Rosenbauer on the Orvis blog here are those common mistakes:

  • starting with the rod too high off the water;
  • not stopping the rod at the end of each forward and backcast;
  • going too far back with the rod on the backcast;
  • trying to “throw” the fly; and
  • tailing loops.

“For the most part, these errors are pretty easy to correct, and if you pay attention to the solutions Pete offers here, your casting will jump immediately to the next level. You’ll find that you can cast longer, more accurately, and without the frustrating tangles that can waste a lot of time.”

After watching this video, I bet that I am flicking to early on my forward cast rather than waiting for the “stop and pop”.  I am wishing there wasn’t snow on the ground in my yard–I’d be out there in a heart beat trying this out!

Post your comments on the link on the Facebook page!  What are you common casting mistakes and has Pete’s instruction given you any new incite?

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