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Salmon River Sand Between Your Toes

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It may be snowing now. Raining. Sleeting. Blowing. Or just downright cold. I relish those hours shoveling my walk and my deck, over and over. The brisk air. Flocked trees. Snapping into my skis on the trail or at the lift. But when it comes right down to it, I still yearn for those hot summer days and the sand between my toes. Every beach looks bigger and better on the Salmon River, especially after a great day on the water–rafting, floating, fishing, swimming, basking. Don’t miss your chance for some Salmon River “sand between your toes time.” That shovel handle feels good in my hands….but those oars feel better.

Cole Warren making some serious tracks on a Salmon River beach.

The Lower Main Salmon River rafting experience is one that combines solitude with excitement.  Big white beaches with funky columnar basalt formations.  Dinner with your toes not only in the sand but in the cool green waters as well!!  Don’t wait.  Jump on in!

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