• Claire catches zzz's on the motor out to Hellar Bar

North Star River Expeditions, Inc. – An Idaho Outfitter

In 1999, Jacob & I started North Star River Expeditions, Inc., and became outfitters on the Snake and Salmon Rivers.  After having grown up on rivers and guided for Jerry & Carole Hughes in the 1990’s, it was the beginning of an era of rafting, fishing, and hunting trips with our own clients who became our friends, as well as our family.  Our guide crew became another special family–our North Star family.

Gracie, Claire, and Cole were born over the span of those years and grew up on the rivers we loved, right along side our guests and within our North Star family.  They joke even to this day that they each have at least 8 Dads.  Our family would like to thank all of you who were a part of this venture from the bottom of our hearts.  You are truly appreciated.

We will forever treasure all those amazing experiences and memories we generated together on the river and within those amazing canyon walls.  From running rapids to hauling in amazing catches.  From staring in wonder at wildlife sightings to chasing chukar up and down cliffs, and witnessing storms that made our hair stand on end–literally!  The biggest prize of all was the time spent just basking in nature and getting to know you all while floating down an incredible river.  Thank you for an unparalleled 18 years!!!

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