North Star Crew

Name: Jim Warren Hometown: Council, ID
Education: BS Education, MA Education Administration, BSU
Skills: Early Morning Stealth Coffee Chef, Sturgeon General, Current Holder of the Golden Pliers
Favorite River Meal: Down River Spuds
Favorite River Memory: Being witness to renewal of marriage vows on a boat while floating in an eddy below Kirkwood Bar; catching the record 10’6” sturgeon with Jake at Kirkwood

Name: Matt Lindley Hometown: Emmett, Idaho
Education: BA & MA of Social Work, NNU
Skills: Paddle boating backwards with a crew of one-armed teenagers through Granite Creek; Top Bottle Washer; General Sanitation.
Favorite River Meal: Huevos Rancheros, Glenn’s Cheesy Bread, Brad’s pancake-battered bass (by special request only)
Favorite River Memory: “FISH ON” is called from the sturgeon fishers on the bank— swimmers scatter-a giant sturgeon breaches the surface of the water right under the nose of an anonymous North Star guest, who proceeds to swim over a group of children to escape the Snake River version of Jaws.

Name: Glenn Mabey Hometown: Eagle, ID
Education: BS, Earth Science Secondary Ed, BSU
Skills: Witty Banter, Cheesy Bread Master, Matt’s Prep Cook
Favorite River Meal: Grilled Salmon, Spinach Salad
Favorite River Memory: Brad Abbott suspended in the air through Wild Sheep desperately holding on to single a gear strap!

Name: Brad Abbott Hometown: Salmon, ID
Education: BA, Science Education, BSU
Skills: “The Fish Whisperer” currently speaks Bass, Trout, and several other native fish dialects
Favorite River Meal: Honey Grilled Salmon, Pesto Pasta, Fresh Garden Veggies, Dutch Oven Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Favorite River Memory: The River is a continuous memory for me, each season adding new memories like the current adding sand grains to the beach.

Name: Ben Warren Hometown: Cambridge, ID
Education: BS Exercise Physiology, BSU
Skills: Salmon and Steelhead Fishing, Fruit Basket Art
Favorite River Meal: Pabts Blue Ribbon…“a pork chop in a can”
Favorite River Memory: Spending time on the river with my Dad and Brothers.

Name: Chris Browne Hometown: Emmett, ID
Education: BA, European History; MA, Ancient History, BSU
Skills: Making Caesar Salad and telling bad jokes!
Favorite River Meal: Down River Spuds-withBacon!
Favorite River Memory: Matt’s midnight rendezvous with Pepe Le Pew.

Name: Devon Barker Hometown: Lewiston, ID
Education: BA, Elementary Education, AC of I
Skills: Dish Line Production Manager, Most Cheerful Guide Lower 48, World Class Kayaker
Favorite River Meal: BBQ Chicken Night
Favorite River Memory: Overnight campout on Suicide Point with my fellow girl-guide and friend (Paco’s were not meant to carry on your back)

Name: Brian Tromburg Hometown: Boise, ID
Education: BA, Bible and Theology, Biola U
Skills: Rowing for Hours, Fishing, Kitchen Quality Control (eating everything in sight)
Favorite River Meal: Grilled Salmon and Pasta
Favorite River Memory: Giving Lulu a kiss…

Name: Sam Warren Hometown: Cambridge, ID
Education: BA, Business/Marketing, BSU
Skills: Mastered the art getting his beauty sleep on rafts and inflatable kayaks. Consecutively voted “Mr. Biceps” in ’06 & ’07.
Favorite River Meal: Salmon and Sun Dried Tomato Pesto Pasta
Favorite River Memory: Enjoying the peaceful mornings on the river with a cup of hot Cowboy Coffee. Time spent on the river with my family.

Name: Jacob Warren, North Star R.E. Owner
Hometown: Cambridge, ID
Education: BA, Business/Finance, BSU
Skills: Fishing/Hunt Guide, Gear Boat Load Expert, Dutch Oven Pastry Chef specializing in Biscuits and Pies
Favorite River Meal: Grilled Salmon Night
Favorite River Memory: The fish that got away……3.5 hours fighting a sturgeon that finally won the battle.

Name: Tricia Warren, North Star R.E. Owner
Hometown: Cambridge, ID
Education: BA, Small Biz Management, BSU
Skills: Pack Day Engineer, Cookie Baker, “Supervising” (Laughing At) the Guide Crew
Favorite River Meal: Jake’s Strawberry Rhubarb Pie and Jim’s Coffee.
Favorite River Memory: My daughter Gracie’s reaction to her first time through The Green Room.

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