Hells Canyon Rafting Trips

While on a Hells Canyon rafting trip you can mix and match all your favorite river trip activities to build the vacation of a lifetime—all in the time frame that works best for you and your friends or family.

3 or 4 Day – Snake River Rafting in Hells Canyon

This rafting trip covers 32 miles from Hells Canyon Dam to Pittsburg Landing. Spend either 2 or 3 nights camping riverside after floating 8 to 15 miles each day. On this trip the white water is as big as the canyon, including two of the largest rapids on the river, Class IV (V in spring flows)-Wild Sheep and Granite-as well as many Class III rapids like Bernard, Waterspout and Rush Creek. Majestic canyon scenery and rapids are just a start. Throughout the day stop to visit various abandoned homestead cabins as well as Indian pictographs still naturally preserved along rock ledges on the banks of the Snake River.

Our experienced, professional guide crew will make sure these river trips will provide the adventure you crave while placing the utmost concern on your comfort and safety. Our gear boat rows ahead of the group and sets camp each day so that your tents are waiting for you when we pull in for the night. Your guide crew is not only skilled at the oars, but also proficient in our outdoor kitchen. Enjoy gourmet meals with fresh ingredients made each day featuring Dutch oven cooking. Spend time relaxing in the sun or even casting a line in the water after small mouth bass or rainbow trout.

All equipment is provided including personal waterproof bags for your duffel, freshly laundered sleeping bags, tents, and inflatable sleeping pads. We run a combination of oar boats, paddles rafts, and inflatable kayaks, which give you the opportunity to paddle as much as you wish or just ride along. Our base of operation is in McCall, Idaho, a small scenic, alpine town set beside beautiful blue Payette Lake, 100 miles north of Boise, which is the nearest major airport. Meet us in McCall and be returned to McCall after the 3 and 4 Day Trip. See our Trip Logistics page for more details.

5 or 6 Day – Hells Canyon Rafting Trip

This river trip covers Hells Canyon in its entirety—82 miles of amazing scenery, diverse wildlife, historical and Indian sites, a plethora of Class IV and smaller white water rapids, and just more plain fun on the river. Start at Hells Canyon Dam and take out at Hellar Bar in Washington State, just 45 minutes south of Lewiston, Idaho. Downriver from Pittsburg Landing (past the takeout for the 3 & 4 day trip) columnar basalt formations emerge from the changing landscape. Big, white sandy beaches become more prominent on the second half of the trip and make for perfect riverside camping. This trip sports more river time, which translates into a longer escape from your hectic schedule, and more opportunity for you to enjoy your favorite part about being on the river. More hikes, more paddling, more historic sites, and MORE incredible food and luxurious riverside camping.

Guests on our 5 & 6 day rafting trips meet us in McCall, Idaho the night before the trip begins. We provide transportation to the river, and at the end of the trip we shuttle you to your destination in Lewiston, ID. The same amenities are provided on every full price North Star rafting trip. See our Trip Logistics page for more details.

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