Hells Canyon Rafting, Hiking, Group Trips

As the number and diversity of clients grow, we continue to present a unique spin on the first class outfitted trip we run in Hells Canyon week to week. Hike instead of raft, join a group of women on the river, take advantage of special deals for groups, or seize the opportunity to try a new river with your favorite crew members.

4 Day Hells Canyon Hiking Trips (Raft Supported)

Instead of floating the Snake River through Hells Canyon, take a guided hike through the wild and scenic section of the Canyon. A guided hiking trip supported by rafts means you can put in the miles hindered by nothing but your water bottle. Hike approximately 8 miles per day on single track trail along and above the river, while rafts transport food and overnight gear downriver to meet you at each stop. Guides lead the hikes and prepare three gourmet meals a day, our lunch raft tracks the group and is available in case you need a break. A separate gear boat heads down river to have our camp site ready and waiting for you to arrive. If you are an avid hiker or just want to plan a vacation that allows you to get some exercise and earn your dinner, this trip is the one for you.

Non-Profit Group Adventures

If you are a member of a non-profit group and want to organize a river trip with North Star, you can take advantage of some amazing deals—up to 50% off our standard rates. This multiple day rafting trip in Hells Canyon offers the same amazing adventure and the same attention to detail and safety as all North Star River trips. The trips are more interactive, providing you the ability to pitch in and help where needed. We can design the activities and schedule to your groups specific requests. We provide a tasty and delicious menu of fresh foods and Dutch oven cooking. Equipment is still provided, but you may need to bring your own sleeping bag. We will work out shuttles so as to accommodate your groups special logistics. Call our office for more details, date availability, and rates.

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