Salmon River Rafting Vacations

Exclusive Rafting Trips

Looking for an exclusive rafting trip for your family or small group? The Salmon River is the perfect river for charter trips because the management by the Idaho BLM allows North Star a flexible launch schedule. For this reason, we are more willing to run a trip just for your group on a particular date, since we have an extensive calendar of dates to add other guests. Often times when putting a group together, the trip dates are the hardest to nail down when working with a number of schedules. Our flexible launch schedule on the Salmon River will help that process.

Non-Profit Group Adventures

If you are a member of a non-profit group and want to organize a river trip with North Star, you can take advantage of some amazing deals—up to 50% off our standard rates. This multiple day Salmon River rafting trip offers the same amazing adventure and the same attention to detail and safety as all North Star River trips. The trips are more interactive, providing you the ability to pitch in and help where needed. We can design the activities and schedule to your groups specific requests. We provide a tasty and delicious menu of fresh foods and Dutch oven cooking. Equipment is still provided, but you may need to bring your own sleeping bag. We will work out shuttles so as to accommodate your groups special logistics. Call our office for more details, date availability, and rates.

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